Growth Track

Growth Track is a class designed for all new Covenant Partners. This class will help you connect to a community group and indentify ministry opportunities. 


Leaders: Tom & Dana Fowler

Love Says Go

Our primary training focus is love and power through IDENTITY by believing the truth about who Jesus is and who we are in Him. This training is geared for growth in all levels of the supernatural, whether you are starting out or are well advanced. We cover square-one basics plus advanced training in words of knowledge and stepping into the creative miracle realm.


Youth Discipleship:

re:Generation Youth Church's

discipleship process is:

restore is a two year program that meets during the school year from September to May at 9:30 am in the youth room.

restore is broken down into 3 phases:

Simplify: Answers the question Who am I?

Just some subjects covered: Life 101, Salvation, Worship, Baptism & Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Multiply: Answers the question What am I becoming? Just some subjects covered: The ACTS of the Disciple, How to change my world, The Great Commission.

Amplify: Answers the question What do I do now? Just some subjects covered: Who is Jesus, Prayer & Prophecy, Spiritual Gifts, Personality Profiles, Ministry Placement.

restore offers real, practical and guided experiences. Each class has the opportunity to participate in fun field trips and learns from CFC/re:Gen leadership. 

restore students will be recognized and presented a certificate of completion from CFC!


Led by: Ryan Roberts


For info on any class,

please contact the church office:


139 Hightower Pkwy, Suite 100 Dawsonville, GA 30534