re:Gen is the youth ministry of Christ Fellowship Church.


re:Generation youth church is a vibrant, thriving youth ministry - a place where friendships are developed with Jesus Christ at the very core! Our goal is to develop passionate followers of Christ while keeping a healthy balance between extreme fun and spiritual discipleship. At re:Gen, students will find a dynamic atmosphere with people who are friendly, energetic and passionate worshipers of Almighty God!


youth and young adults with the

great news of Jesus Christ.


the Father heart of God to this generation.



students back to their rightful place in Christ.


students into their God-given purpose.

The Movement

Our vision:  to grow a multi-cultural youth church

that will impact their culture for the Kingdom of God.

re:Gen Leadership



re:Gen is lead by Pastor Marty and Paula Darracott and their amazing team of youth leaders.

restore is a mentorship & discipleship experience within re:Gen.


restore is a two year program, totaling three classes. These classes introduce Bible basics, Covenant promises, principles to help to over come sin and temptation, missions study, how to pray and prophecy and much, much more!

Classes include: Simplify, Multiply & Amplify.


Students who complete Year One (Simply & Multiply) will receive a certificate of participation. Students who complete Year Two (Amplify) & 20 hours of ministry service will receive a certificate of excellence.


If a student desires to return for a third year they have the opportunity to participate in an apprentice role, assisting re:Gen leadership.


Simplify answers the question: Who am I? With focuses on the Blood Covenant, Salvation, Baptism, a study of the Holy Spirit, and Christian doctrine.   


Multiply answers: What am I becoming? With focuses on becoming a disciple and looking & acting more like Jesus and reinforces principles from Simplify on a more personal level, as students develop relationships with one another.

Amplify answers: What am I supposed to do? With an in depth study of the Holy Spirit, Spiritual giftings and the power of prayer. Students learn how to pray for their friends, the lost & the sick. Amplify also teaches personality profiles and communication. 

restore is Lead by:

Ryan Roberts

Classes begin in September & conclude in May.

restore meets Sundays at 9:30am

For more information visit

re:Gen Youth Church

or email:

re:Gen Events

re:Generation hosts a variety of action-packed events

 that will challenge students and provide opportunities to further

their personal relationship with Jesus.

139 Hightower Pkwy, Suite 100 Dawsonville, GA 30534